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We provide real solutions for our clients. 

N7 Lab has manufactured and distributed essential PPE and other supplies to America’s frontline workers before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. From hospitals, dental clinics, government facilities, nursing homes, retailers, and any other essential services, N7 Lab has been there to help.

Due to a recent surge of demand, and in addition to factory shutdowns in China and various manufacturing hubs across Asia, N7 Lab has secured and guaranteed mass quantities of
Nitrile Gloves to sell and distribute to America’s frontline workers.

N7 Lab has long lasting, direct relationships with manufacturers and factories in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Thailand, China, and many more countries. Over the next 2 years N7 Lab has strategically secured Nitrile Glove contracts with these factories and manufacturers with the goal of having real, On-the-ground product for our customers to purchase.

With recent additions of multiple 200,000 Sqft warehousing facilities in Texas, N7 Lab is primed to stock up and continue to be one of America’s leading PPE distributors.

Suppling over 50 Million boxes of nitrile gloves a month.



San Antonio, TX

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